Steel Frame Concepts Ltd has been distributing and constructing Fair DinkumTM steel framed buildings in the Wellington and Kapiti regions since 2001. The Fair DinkumTM system provides an extremely versatile and cost effective structure which can be clad in almost any material. Best of all, this structure is tough and durable. Every building is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of its location. We can make buildings in all wind zones including those extremely windy areas where specific design is required. All Steel Frame Concepts Ltd houses come with a 50 year warranty on the structure.

The portal structure is comprised of galvanised steel columns (for the walls) and rafters (for the roof). The columns and rafters are connected together with galvanised steel brackets and high tensile bolts to form a portal. The portals are connected together by girts on the walls and purlins on the roof. This simple concept when combined with quality New Zealand made materials creates a cost effective structure that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The portal system has been developed into a flexible solution to create a variety of shapes and sizes. The portal structure allows for mono pitch, gable and mansard roof designs with the ability to add lean-to structures on the side walls. Typically, the roof pitch can be 5o, 11o, 15o, 22o, 30o and 45o. The roof can span up to 35 meters without supporting columns. Whats more, these buildings can have one, two or three levels. In most instances there are no internal load bearing walls because the weight of the building is taken by the portals on the exterior of the building. This allows for extremely flexible internal floor plans.

Steel Frame Concepts Ltd is able to apply almost any cladding you desire to the building including:

  • Timber Weatherboard on a cavity batten in various profiles; typically bevel back or rusticated Weatherboard
  • Sheet cladding such as plywood, fibre cement sheeting – Hardies, Exotec, Titan or Hardieflex
  • Vertical or horozontial Colorsteel in various profiles
  • Glass curtain walls
  • Speciality finishes such as schist

Fire Walls

Speed Wall is our product of choice for fire rated applications. Speed Wall is lightweight with an aerated concrete core and a galvanised steel outer shell. Speed Wall boasts fire ratings up to /240/240 and noise ratings up to STC80. Speed Wall is a great product for situations where a house is close to a boundary or for inter-tenancy walls in multi-unit applications.

Aluminium Joinery

We only use quality aluminium joinery supplied by Fisher Windows and Doors.

Metalcraft Industries, Inc.