Open Gable Style Sleep-out

Inclusions and Exclusions for Open End Gable Roof Sleep-out (4m wide by 5.2m long)

Priced From $POA


Building Shell

-Supply and installation of a 100mm thick concrete slab to meet the requirements of the Building Code. Includes a concrete front porch, under-slab polystyrene insulation, all necessary footings and perimeter foundations. The ground under the slab is assumed to be flat and suitable for building i.e. ground to have at least 300kpa bearing capacity and a cleared building platform.

-Supply and install cold rolled formed galvanised steel structural columns, rafters (for 22 degree roof), purlins, girts, and bracing elements: including the supply and installation of all necessary fastenings for the building structure.

-Supply and install corrugated Colorsteel Endura (0.40 Base Metal Thickness) cladding and roofing in any standard Colorsteel colour. Wall cladding to be install vertically.

-Supply and install wire mesh to roof and wrap to roof and walls.

-Supply, frame, and install an aluminium double glazed window (1.7m wide by 0.9m high.

-Supply, frame, and install an aluminium double glazed sliding glass door (1.7m wide by 0.9m high).

-Supply and install all necessary window, door, roof, ridge cap (with soft edge) wall, vermin, eave, and gable flashings for up to and including high wind zones to suit NZBC E2/AS1.

-Supply and install thermal break to all girts and purlins.

-A manufactures warranty of not less than 50 years on the structure.

-Site specific engineering calculations for the structure.


Fit-out of building

-Supply and install all framing to exterior walls and ceilings.

-Supply and install all framing for interior walls.

-Supply and install fibreglass insulation to roof (R3.2) and exterior walls (R2.2).

-Supply and install all linings to interior walls and ceilings with 13mm standard Gib board.

-Supply and install pine skirting, cornice and trims.

-Plaster all interior walls and ceilings to achieve an F4 finish.

-Supply and apply paint to all walls, ceilings, doors and trim. Includes filling fixings holes, 1 coat of sealer/primer and two top coats.

-Supply and install 2 electrical outlets, 1 light switch and light fixture, and a switch board (not connected to mains supply POA)

-Flooring to the value of $500.00 (inc GST) installed.

Optional Upgrades:

-Any cladding style weatherboard, sheet cladding in timber or fibre cement sheeting, schist features etc.

-Extra electrical, telecommunications and plumbing options are available.

-Alter the size of the building.

-Add additional building features such as eaves, a lean-to or pergolas and the like.

-Alter the roof pitch 5, 11, 15, 22, 30 and 45 degrees come as standard options.

-Timber linings to interior walls.

-Tiled floors and walls.



-Drawings for Building Consent (Price on Application)

-Building Consent fees and associated costs such as geotechnical reports and a site survey where necessary.

-Any Resource Consent Application fees and associated costs.

-Connection to services beyond 1 metre from the building electrical, gas, water, sewer and storm water etc.

-Window treatments, furniture and the like