The Purchase Process

The Steel Frame Purchase Process:

Step 1:

Gather your thoughts on the house you want and visit us at our office to discuss your ideas.


Step 2:

We will take your ideas and provide you with an initial Offer based on our discussion. This includes a price for the concrete slab, the cost of the building shell and its construction. We then price the internal fit-out of the building shell including framing, lining, plastering, kitchen and bathroom units etc. Furthermore, we will provide you with some basic drawings and images of what your house will look like. We provide this service free of charge.


Step 3:

Take some time to think about your house. After all, this is the best time to make changes to your plans.


Step 4:

Finalise your initial concept plans with us and, if necessary, we will alter our Offer to accommodate changes to your plans.


Step 5:

Decide to accept our initial Offer and we will begin the formal process of building your house.


Step 6:

We will commission the preparation of your house plans, any geotechnical reports and structural analysis necessary for Building Consent. We will also prepare an expected time frame for the project.


Step 7:

The drawings and specifications will require your approval and then we will provide you with a fixed price contract detailing the terms of payment etc. Once this is signed, and the terms of the contract are agreed, we will prepare your Building Consent and lodge it with the Local Authority (a Resource Consent may also need to be lodged).


Step 8:

Soon after Building Consent is approved we will begin the construction of your new house. Progress payments will be required at pre agreed milestones and we will undertake regular meetings with you to discuss progress.


Step 9:

On completion of your new home we meet to ensure you are happy with your new house and upon your satisfaction we will arrange for finial building inspections.


Step 10:

Once the paperwork and red tape is taken care of, we will hand your new house over to you and its time to move in!

It’s our goal to make the house building process as easy as possible.